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About the Bogle Family

The Bogle Family came from Scotland to Pennsylvania in colonial days. They branched out into the Virginias, Carolinas and Tennessee. Hal Green Bogle, was born May 30, 1887 in Kenton, Obion County, Tennessee. In 1918 Hal, at the age of 21, left for a drier climate, single and with little money in his pocket. Hal brought his family to Roswell, NM late in 1919.

Through the 1920s and early 30s Hal farmed and traded livestock in Dexter, including horses and mules. Bill Bogle graduated from Vanderbilt University in June, 1940 and returned to NM to work in the family business.

During the war years, Hal bought for the Bogle Cattle Company Partnership farmlands in Arizona, Southeast Missouri and New Mexico. In New Mexico, the largest single purchase was the Turkey Track Ranch - over 600 square miles - lying east of the Pecos in Chaves, Eddy and Lea Counties.

On January 9, 1943 Miss Berneice Gilmore became Bill's wife. They had five children - Mary Lynn, Stuart, Donald, Beverly, and Scott Bogle. Carrying on the family business now are partners Stuart, and his son Martin and daughter Bridgette, Donald and his sons Aaron and Joe, Scott and his daughters Lauren, Abby and Madison and Beverly and her son Lonni. Eldest of the five is Mary Lynn and her daughter Claire Bogle consulting the family on business legal matters.

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