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B&B Choppers is a limited liability company formed in 2002 by Scott and Martin Bogle to harvest Bogle Ltd wheat, corn, sorghum and alfalfa in silage form. With the PR prowess of Martin, the mechanical aptitude of Scott and a motto of doing the best job at a fair price, B&B Choppers has expanded into custom harvesting feed for dairy farms and family farms in the Pecos Valley along with harvesting for Bogle Ltd.

Corn silage is popular in demand due to the high-energy of the crop and its ability to easily adapt to feeding. Local farmers can also use corn silage in beef production as an alternative to purchased grain. Every fall season, you can see B&B Choppers throughout the Pecos Valley, and our farms harvesting corn silage.

Interested in working with B&B Choppers? Give us a call.

Scott Bogle: (575) 626-1447

Martin Bogle: (575) 626-6530

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