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Are Your New Mexico Chiles Certified?

It’s almost chile harvest season in New Mexico. As lovers of the state and the chile crop, we’re excited to taste this year’s bounty. It’s important, however, to watch the labels on the chile you buy.

According to the New Mexico Chile Association, Mexico is producing ten times more chile than New Mexico is, and farmers are using the crop from south of the border because it's cheaper to buy.

It’s easy to make sure you’re getting chile right from the source - New Mexico, that is. Just keep an eye out for a certification from the New Mexico Chile Association. Grants were given to the association in 2014 from the New Mexico Department of Agriculture and the USDA to begin certifying New Mexico chile, reassuring consumers that they’re purchasing the real thing.

"New Mexico to chile is like Napa is to wine, this is our crop, this is the heart of our state," said Sonja Schroeder, the executive director of the New Mexico Chile Association. Because of this chile heritage, it's important that authentic New Mexico chiles are truly authentic. Look for farms that are certified by the New Mexico Chile Association - small farms can even get certified for free.

If you’re a farm looking to get certified, contact the association via Sonia Schroeder at (505) 980-8762 or

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