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Bogle Ltd - It's a Family Tradition

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

As we wrap up 2020, we look back on how the Bogle family has grown over the years. From the first Bogle’s crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Scotland to Pennsylvania in colonial days. We branched from Virginia, the Carolinas, Tennessee until Hal Bogle made New Mexico our home in 1919 and began the Bogle Farms.

Since then each Bogle after Hal has helped to grow Bogle LTD from a small farm and trading livestock in Dexter, New Mexico to Arizona and Southeast Missouri. Today, Stuart, and his son Martin, Donald and his sons Aaron and Joe, Scott and his daughters and Beverly and her son all help to grow Bogle LTD as a business and the Bogle family.

While some family members still wake up every morning in New Mexico and others wake up across the country, each Bogle continues to stay true to the hardworking, family values they learned from the generation before them and continue to teach to the next generation of Bogles!

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