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At Bogle LTD, you can expect to see our cattle given access to large pastures that can accommodate a large herd. Most of the cattle you will see on our ranches are mother crossbred cows from the Angus breed. Giving them open access to the pastures allows them to stay well-nourished off our New Mexico land while preventing them from overgrazing the ground.

When it comes to our horses, you will find some of the hardest working breeds in our barns. We wouldn’t be able to work our cattle without them! We work to give our mares access to good pastures and ensure that they are supplemented through the year to keep them at their best.

Bogle horses are also wormed and vaccinated every year at the direction of our local veterinarian. Each animal is different, so make sure you consult with your local veterinarian before administering any vaccination.

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