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Technology has helped many of us in different aspects of our lives. The new technology introduced to farmers and ranchers over the last few years has enabled us to get the job done better and with more time.

You will often find our tractors and disc harrows out on the field at the beginning of the season. These two paired together help us prep the New Mexico land for our next round of crops. The use of these two helps to cut our plowing time down and ensures each row is ready.

Of course, another piece of equipment you will find out in the fields before the B&B Choppers would be the Center-Pivot Irrigation system. You can find our irrigation system ensuring that every crop is watered to grow to its peak.

Since 2002, one of our favorite pieces of equipment to use at Bogle LTD would be our B&B Choppers. You can often find us out on the field using them to harvest wheat, corn, sorghum, and alfalfa in silage form.

We can get more done with our team and equipment so we can have more time for the things that matter: Family!

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