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Chile: New Mexico's Ambassador Crop

As you know, the Bogle ranch is located in New Mexico. While we’re primarily cattle ranchers, we are big fans of other items raised and grown in our state, including one of the most popular items - chile. Did you know they’re the official state vegetable of New Mexico? Their massive increase in popularity over the years has led to a chile shortage, however, putting pressure on producers.

Chile farming requires hand picking each chile, which adds an additional labor expense, and has partially resulted in a decrease in chile production in the past year. And many consumers are forced to import chile from other countries to meet the demand. Even despite this challenge, however, chile remains New Mexico’s ambassador crop to the rest of the world.

Albuquerque Business First shared that New Mexico has exported more chile outside of the United States this year than in the previous year, as reported by the state department of agriculture. The increase was worth over $500,000 in value, showing that the stateside chile shortage isn’t having a negative effect on international demand.

While we aren’t chile farmers at Bogle Ltd, we can still appreciate the effect that this ambassador crop has on spreading the good word about quality products coming from New Mexico. We do think we’re well positioned in the market with our cattle and hay pursuits. Dreaming New Mexico states that after dairy, the beef industry brings in the highest amount of cash receipts for the state.

As supporters of the rural, farming lifestyle, we’re happy to be part of an important industry in our state. When you think New Mexico, think chiles - and Bogle Ltd!

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