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Consider Gifts From Local Farms for the Holidays

Whether you’ve been celebrating Hanukkah already, or you’re still preparing for Kwanzaa, Christmas and New Years, gift-giving has likely been on your mind. Gifting your loved ones with a unique, personal gift that they’ll enjoy can be a challenge. Did you know it’s possible to give that kind of gift while also supporting a local farm? This type of gift is also great if you have minimalist friends and family - it’s an experiential gift they can consume and enjoy. Here are some ideas for giving gifts from local farms for the holidays:

Cheese from a local dairy farm

While Wisconsin is historically known for cheese, odds are you can find a quality producer near you that sells delicious dairy products. Also, if you have an ag university near you, they might have their own creamery. From classic cheddars to unique cheese spreads or cheese curds, give this gift to a dairy-lover near you.

Meat from a local farmer

Provide a delicious centerpiece for the holiday meal with a gift of meat. You can find specialty types of meat, like grass-fed or organic, for friends or family who enjoy these.

Fruits and vegetables from local producers

Oranges are historically a Christmas treat, but other farmers may be selling gift boxes with fruits, vegetables, and other items like custom jellies or spreads. Give the freshness of seasonal goods with this present.

What’s the impact of buying local? You’ll be giving a unique gift to your loved one, while supporting a local business who is keeping farming and agriculture alive and well. Don’t just think of Christmas trees when you think of farms at the holidays!

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