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Holiday Traditions in New Mexico

We're big fans of this sacred land. New Mexico is at the heart of our operation, and we couldn't imagine ranching anywhere else. Every state has its own traditions, especially around the holidays. We at Bogle Ltd. are excited to celebrate some of these classic New Mexico traditions around this time of year.

Famous foods

Festive dishes add to holiday celebrations in every state. You'll likely find foods like tamales and green chile stew - really, anything with chile - on holiday tables in New Mexico homes. These foods honor state heritage while also being absolutely delicious. Biscochitos are also a famous New Mexico holiday traditions. says these "anise-scented, lard-enriched shortbreads are essential to weddings, graduations and anniversaries".

Sights and sounds

Throughout the state, Mexican, Spanish and Native culture have melded throughout the years to form a uniquely New Mexican take on the holidays. The debate goes on about the little paper sacks filled with a candle - are they luminarias or farolito? You might also hear Christmas music played by mariachi. And of course, we’ve got our own traditions in the Bogle family. If you’ve never spent a holiday in New Mexico, it’s a special season we recommend you experience.

Everyone at Bogle LTD wishes you and your family a joyful holiday season! We’ll see you in 2020.

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