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The global spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19, is affecting everyone in different ways. Many of us have been asked to stay home and avoid others, while essential workers like health care providers and grocery workers continue serving the public. The agriculture industry isn’t immune to this crisis. But, as a recent post on our Facebook page said, while the world seems to halt to a stop, you can depend on agriculturalists to fight the elements and bring you dairy, meat and feed for your animals.

Producers are affected by this virus in a variety of ways. It’s likely that some operations will be less profitable during this time, while some commodities may see increases in demand and sales. The Progressive Farmer predicts that the U.S. and other markets across the globe will experience challenges from this virus for many months. 

There are efforts to help make agriculture business owners whole. According to Ag Web, “the Senate rescue package included $14 billion to replenish USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) and provided $9.5 billion for ag producers impacted by Covid-19, including livestock and specialty crops (fruit, veggies and nuts).” The USDA is planning how to spend that money, including payments to farmers, in an effort to support the U.S. food chain and keep stores stocked and people fed. 

Through it all, we at Bogle LTD are dedicated to supporting American agriculture and ensuring the future of our ranch and of the agriculture industry for many years to come. We’re supporting our employees and our community during this time, and if there’s a way we can help you, please let us know. 

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