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How the Art of Distilling Can Feed Your Cattle

Farmers and ranchers have never been known to turn down a cold beverage at the end of a hard day's work. It's fascinating to discover how the fruits of that labor can have an effect on cattle producers like us at Bogle Ltd.

Depending on weather conditions of past seasons, cattle supplementation is something that any cattle producer might be thinking about. A recent Drovers article offered some insights on how grain produced during the distilling process can provide a quality supplementation option for cattle during the winter season.

If you’re not an expert on the topic, distillers' grains are "primary fermentation products resulting from the fermentation of cereal grains by yeast into alcohol,” according to Science Direct. Grain that is a byproduct of the distilling process can be thrown away or otherwise go underutilized. But some distillers are selling this grain to cattle ranchers, giving it another life as nutrition for cattle. This type of feed is high in nutrients. And using distillers’ grains can replace other, more expensive feed options. These factors make it a good choice for producers looking to get the best bang for their feed buck.

Drovers recommends that distillers’ grains "should be limited to 30-40% of the total intake to avoid any negative impacts of excessive minerals while utilizing the protein and energy available." Go check out the full article for more information, including a few case studies with stories of real producers.

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