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We may be the farmers and ranchers of today, but it is essential to look at our little ones and nourish their excitement of the land as they are the farmers and ranchers of tomorrow. While not all of the next-generation may walk in our boots, this is the time to teach them the importance of hard work, dedication, and determination one has to have in this career.

We introduce future generations to the many different techniques, challenges, and skills to run a farm and ranch. As they grow, we continue to introduce them to activities they can help out with, whether it's moving a bail of hay or riding along on the tractor.

When most of our future generations enter high school, they will have the opportunity to join organizations such as FFA or 4H. These organizations allow them to meet others their age with similar interests, meet professionals in the industry to gain more wisdom from, and more. Giving them the tools and ability to learn and expand the ranching and farming industry will not only lead to a better future for them but future generations after them.

Though we are still on the ranches today, we can't wait to see what our future generation will do with the ranches and farms!

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