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Modern Agricultural Education Brings Knowledge Together Across Fields

The tradition of working the land goes back far before we hopped on the scene. Farmers and ranchers have been making good use of our natural resources, producing the goods we need to live fruitful lives. We at Bogle LTD believe in carrying on this grand tradition - but we also keep an eye on trends in the agriculture industry. We also believe in expanding this tradition and bringing more people into the fold. One way this can be done is through changes in how ag is taught in both secondary and higher education.

One member of the Bogle clan funds a scholarship for students at Texas Tech who plan to take their ag degree and use it in an innovative, creative way. This approach is also being mirrored at schools in other states, including Nebraska. A High Plains Public Radio article recently discussed ways that universities can give students the education and training they need to produce the resources we need while respecting the land.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln partners with community colleges across the state to offer transfer agreements that allow students to eventually get a 4-year degree - after taking some of the innovative, integrated courses at these community colleges. For example, precision agriculture courses at one school integrate data analysis, agribusiness and sustainability. Students learn how weather, trade markets and more can affect agriculture. This gives students a broad perspective across fields that they can bring back to their farms and ranches.

Education is power, and modern ag education is bringing this power back to the land to ensure the rural farming and ranching lifestyle and tradition can live on.

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