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Recently, Bogle LTD came into possession of some fancy new hardware of the John Deere variety. We love seeing that green and yellow when we look out the window! We posted the photo of our new tractor on Facebook, and got a couple questions about what function this particular equipment plays in our operation. So, we’re here to tell you now. 

Chopping is a big part of our activities every spring – where we harvest wheat, corn, sorghum and alfalfa. Once those items are harvested, they are packed into a pile so it can ferment and turn into silage. And silage is used to keep our cattle fed and satisfied. 

This particular John Deere equipment is a packing tractor. This tractor pushed the chopped corn or wheat into a large pile and packs it down, so that it can take the next step toward becoming silage: fermentation. Having quality packing equipment and practices is important for many reasons. If a pile is packed improperly, the silage can spoil and harm the health of your cattle. Additionally, a pile that isn’t packed correctly can avalanche and cause injury. 

We maintain the highest quality equipment at Bogle LTD to make the best silage – safely – for our operation. If you drive by and spot this new tractor, consider the important role it plays in what we do on the ranch.

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