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New Mexico is Tops for Pecan Crop

You might consider yourself an expert on the Land of Enchantment and its various crops and commodities. But did you know that New Mexico recently overtook Georgia in pecan production? True story - our state in 2018 produced more pecans than one of the most well-known nut producing states!

The change happened in 2018, when Georgia’s crops were affected by severe weather. New Mexico’s total nearly doubled Georgia’s, with 90 million pounds compared to 56.1 million pounds. The first pecan orchard was built in New Mexico in the 1930s.

Many of the other top agricultural commodities in New Mexico won’t surprise you, starting with the cattle you likely see on ranches across the state. U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service reports that dairy products led the pack with $1.3 billion dollars sold. That was followed by cattle and calves, earning producers $823.8 million. Pecans fall in line next, with $220.8 million dollars sold. Following pecans is a Bogle LTD staple: hay! This crop totaled $109 million dollars. To view more of the state’s top crops, visit Farm Flavor’s list.

We’re proud to play a role in New Mexico’s agriculture industry, keeping family farms alive, well and profitable!

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