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Protecting New Mexico’s Wildlife

As workers of the land, we share a love of the natural world with many people, including the animals that live on the land. Wildlife migration is an issue the New Mexico government recently took up, and it’s one that New Mexico voters are interested in.

A new poll from the National Wildlife Federation showed that a large majority of New Mexico voters say protecting wildlife migration corridors is important. The data shows that this majority includes bipartisan support, support across age groups, support in a variety of industries and support from both rural and non-rural residents.

Animals migrate across the state for food and water. Wildlife migration paths can be adversely affected by highways and construction. To address part of this issue, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the Wildlife Corridors Act in April. This law mandates that state agencies team up to identify existing highways that pose the most risk for drivers and wildlife such as elk, antelope, bighorn sheep and mule deer, as reported by Public News Service.

Pollster David Walker emphasized how much these animals mean to the people of New Mexico.

"People in these states define what it means to be a Coloradan or to be a New Mexican in part by the wildlife that share the land that they live on,” Walker said. “It's almost inconceivable for people in these two states to think about life in those states without this wildlife."

And we agree!

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