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Severe Weather Hits New Mexico

When you imagine a farm, you likely imagine a picturesque scene of tractors, a gentle wind blowing through a wheat field, and maybe a grazing cow or two. But this pretty picture is often not the case on most farming operations - especially that “gentle wind”. Recently, the Bogle land experienced some much stronger winds that didn’t make for that picture-perfect day. An EF-2 tornado went through Dexter, New Mexico, destroying area homes and damaging farms during its 15 minute lifespan.

While the Bogle property escaped with damage only to center pivots, other properties weren’t so lucky, suffering damage from the winds up to 135 miles per hour. Farmers and the community banded together, however, and cleaned up the damage. An EF-2 tornado and the damage it leaves behind is only one example of how extreme weather conditions can have an impact on agriculture operations.

Drought conditions, or weather that’s too warm and dry is one of the most common ways that weather can thwart the best efforts of dedicated farmers and ranchers. Winter weather can also be a challenge for those who make their living off the land.

The best outcome of the recent storms was that no loss of life occurred in the Dexter area. While six people were injured, and property was damaged, the resiliency of farmers will ensure that their operations bounce back, no matter the weather.

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