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Being a cornerstone in our community is something that we strive to do each day. Most everyone at Bogle LTD has been around this area in New Mexico for a while – and we plan on sticking around. The land is close to us, at every point in our thinking. It’s important that we stay aware of community – from city to county to state – activities and how they might affect our business and our employees. 

One important occurrence in every community, every year is voting. Using our right to vote to elect officials that align with our values and priorities is one way we stay connected to and involved in our community. In addition to voting, we can also use our voices and actions to support people running for office that meet our standards. The Bogle family, for example, is hosting an upcoming fundraiser for Mark Ronchetti, a former meteorologist running to represent New Mexico in the United States Senate. No matter who you support, you can use what you have available to you to support important figures in your community.

From voting to volunteering to just reading the newspaper, pay attention to the world around you and how you might play a role in making it better. You’ll never regret doing what you can to support your community. 

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