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Teach Agriculture Education in Schools

Everyone in the Bogle family operation has a different relationship with the agriculture industry. We’ve got the old pros, the young innovators and plenty of people in between. One example of this innovation is Lauren Bogle’s efforts toward encouraging college students to consider creative careers in agriculture, via a scholarship she established at Texas Tech University.

Reaching students at university is a great step, but what if we could reach these future agriculture experts at an earlier age? Even for those who’ll never work on a ranch or pull vegetables from the ground, knowing the effort and time that went into getting that steak, mashed potatoes and garden salad on your plate is essential - especially for the next generation, who might think their food is made in the microwave.

Amanda Radke supported this argument for more agriculture education in public schools in a recent article for Beef magazine. There are a lot of ways to encourage youth to know more about how steak gets to the store and how their clothes are made. The National FFA Organization is a great resource to recommend to your local teachers and schools. Encourage your kids to take on science or art projects that incorporate elements of the agriculture industry. And if your school does offer robust agriculture education, let them know you’re thankful for the vital service they’re providing kids.

When we’re all better educated about how our modern conveniences got to be that way, we can appreciate those who continue to innovate and carry on the agriculture industry.

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