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Both companies and the proud people of New Mexico have always been forward thinkers, not afraid to explore new ideas. We’ve got a great example of that right here in the agriculture industry. 

Have you ever heard of produce growing sideways? No, we don’t mean your plants growing toward the light. Vertical towers allow produce to be grown hydroponically – that means without soil, just with light and water. A company called Sananbio distributes the technology for this method around the world. They’re also headquartered right here in Albuquerque.

“We take over old buildings and create urban farms inside of them,” said Michael Yates, Vice President of Technology Sales for Sananbio, in an article by KRQE. “It’s gaining a lot more popularity now with more people seeking hyper-local food and fresh food. Now we have methods, thanks to advances in horticulture lighting to be able to grow food within city centers in this way.” 

This allows better access to food that is hyper-local, as Yates calls it – meaning that the lettuce leaves in your salad might have been harvested less than 24 hours prior. That’s what we call fresh. 

Even better, all of the growers at their local facility graduated from New Mexico ag programs. Cheers to this farming innovation! 

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