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What Goes On At Bogle Ltd.

Have you ever been curious about what happens on a large, working ranch and farm? We're pulling back the agricultural curtain to show you a little bit of how we use the many acres of land for business - and a little bit of entertainment.

1. Ranching

This is, of course, a key part of our business, as you can imagine! Bogle Ltd. is made up of over 550,000 acres acres in 3 separate ranches (and one farm - see below!). A series of ranches this size requires a team of working cowboys and other staff to maintain good operations. We do everything old-school on horseback.

2. Farming and forage harvesting

As we mentioned, we are also a working farm. Bogle Ltd. farms alfalfa, corn, cotton, pecans, wheat and sorghum on our land. We also own B&B Choppers, a forage harvesting company that comes through and harvests the crops for our cattle and dairy farmers around the area.

3. Film production

Shooting a documentary, TV show or movie on your land might be something you've never thought of. But production companies are always looking for a specific setting. If a ranch or farm is what they need, they might give you a call. And your state may even offer tax credits to production companies that choose to shoot in your state. For example, New Mexico offers this type of credit through the New Mexico Film Office. If you're shooting a film, you're welcome to come shoot it at our ranches.

4. Tourist attraction

Bet you didn't think this would be on the list. This might be hard for others to replicate. A piece of our ranch is actually the site of the 1947 UFO sighting in Roswell, NM. Earlier this year, we led tours of our land for those interested in this historic site. It might be hard to use your land for this purpose - unless you know some friendly extraterrestrials.

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