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Welcome to Dexter, New Mexico

Bogle Ltd is a farming and ranching operation headquartered in SE New Mexico. We grow forage crops for cattle and horses, and we maintain several pecan orchards. We strive for excellent land management and effective land use. We also enjoy arguing, telling tall tales and cussing politics. 

Feed & Baling

Owners Scott and Martin Bogle run a forage harvesting company. We grow forage crops for cattle and horses, and Martin and Aaron Bogle operate A&M Bailing.


Cattle & Horses

Cattle on the ranches number between 4,000-5,000 head, depending upon pasture conditions. For the most part they are crossbred cows with the base breed being Angus. 



Bogle Ltd is made up of two separate ranches plus a farming operation and a feedlot. Our ranches are both cow & calf operations. 

Image by Phil Hearing

Bogle Ltd

It's a family tradition

B&B Choppers

B&B Choppers is a limited liability company formed in 2002 by Scott and Martin Bogle to harvest Bogle Ltd wheat, corn, sorghum and alfalfa in silage form. With the PR prowess of Martin, the mechanical aptitude of Scott and a motto of doing the best job at a fair price, B&B Choppers has expanded into custom harvesting feed for dairy farms and family farms in the Pecos Valley along with still harvesting for Bogle Ltd.

All things agriculture, New Mexico and Bogle Ltd 

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